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About the Author

S. M. Weng, a spiritual healing coach and the author of Inner Child Healing, actively dedicates her work to spiritual healing, focusing on inner child recovery and twin flame connection.


Susye encountered numerous challenges during her childhood, including a significant moment when her parents left her alone by the side of the road as a punishment. This experience instilled in her feelings of worthlessness and fear, resulting in years of separation anxiety and a deep-seated fear of abandonment.


Later in life, Susye found solace and healing through inner child meditation, finally unraveling the beliefs she had held about herself for years. Having traveled the world and used her experiences as opportunities to find answers in ancient practices, she has now connected with her twin flame and overcome her pain.


Recognizing the recurring challenges that others faced, which mirrored her own struggles, Susye embarked on a personal mission to share her experiences for the benefit of others. She combines elements from Western and Eastern cultures to create her transformative HEAL process. Her writing focuses on sharing this process with readers, providing practical tips and guided meditations to support their healing journey.


Susye is passionate about traveling and has visited all non-frozen continents, covering over 30 different countries. She has had a rich and varied career, encompassing teaching, coding, digital creation, and is a noted influencer.


Seven years ago, I embarked on a personal journey of spiritual awakening and ascension. Drawing from my own transformative journey, Spirit and my Guides have urged me to capture my path of learning and spiritual growth in order to help others so I can accomplish my mission during this lifetime and serve the collective. I've been actively documenting my journey and expressing it through words.


These books are intended to serve as a guiding light for those who identify as Twin Flames, providing personal support for healing, oneness, and unconditional love.

Rooted in my own passage within the realm of the Twin Flame Connection, I offer tailored assistance aimed at nurturing healing, unity, and boundless love.


At the core of my mission lies the empowerment for individuals to embrace their unique potential, fostering inner healing, and expanding the horizon of collective awareness.

Beyond the realm of personal growth, my aspiration is to contribute to a broader shift towards an enlightened humanity.


By sharing the transformative power of interconnectedness and unconditional love, I am dedicated to creating a positive impact that serves as an inspiration for change. Together, we, as a collective, can forge a path toward unity and transcendence.

Everyone has the power to heal themselves. However, if you find yourself in need of more direct guidance, I encourage you to book a 1:1 Coaching Session with me.

Sending love and light,


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